Some Inspiration to Keep You Moving

Maybe it’s because I have yet to fully come to terms with everything that’s happened that I continue to speak of the past. It’s crazy, how life works. We’re not getting any younger and life’s not getting any easier. While 2016 was rough for most of us, and I’m not about to delve into why it was for me, there are some quotes and some lessons I picked up along the way that I thought were worth sharing. 

#1 | Show Up

You might be going through a rough time and may want to stay put in bed, in the comfort of your sheets with maybe your cat to cozy up to, but if there’s someplace you rather need to be, just make the effort of showing up, so you don’t have to deal with the option of skipping your class, your meeting, or even a job interview. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. 

#2 | Don’t Be Late 

If you want to leave an impression, don’t even show up on time. One cool professor of mine whose name I could never pronounce (Mr. Esterhuizen) told me this, “If you’re on time, you’re already late.”

#3 | The Right Attitude 

I’m interning with this rad multimedia producer named Paul and as he helped me explore career opportunities, he talked to me about what a difference the right attitude can make. He defined it as being friendly and enthusiastic, and I couldn’t agree more. What does the right attitude look like to you?

#4 | You Never Lose 

This is pretty cliché, but I’m all about seeing bad experiences as lessons. Actually, if you make the same mistake twice, then, yes, it’s a loss- a loss of your precious time and energy, so learn from your mistakes as well as from other people’s. 

#5 | But Love Fearlessly 

There are times the people we love will hurt us, disappoint us, even betray us to the point that we feel disgusted with the idea of ever falling in love again (whatever that looks like). As long as you’re not looking for perfection and keep an open heart & mind, you’ll find happiness. 

Unless of course you’re an independent woman who needs no man. J-Kay.. kind of.. THE POINT IS: love’s worth it. 

#6 | Friends Come and Go 

Except for best friends. They stay. They’re the type of people who will be there for you when you seriously need them to be- P.M. or A.M. They’re the type of people you can pick up where you left off with. They’re the type of people who treat your house as their own, and they’re especially the type of people to give your mother a place to stay the night if she needs one. 

#7 | Cut Out What’s Toxic 

And whoever’s toxic. #thefirststeptofindinghappiness

#8 | Let Go of Your Ego

And make room for soul food. It’s not healthy nor does it help with any relationship at all- personal or professional. 

#9 | It’s OK to be Selfish

As long as it’s not at the expense of another, be absolutely selfish. You’re not obligated to live in another’s shadow. We’re made to feel like we’re being selfish for wanting to live life the way we want to and coming from a collectivistic family structure and background doesn’t really help. Instead, it feels wrong to chase after our dreams. That will not change till you change the way you think. You can only hope others around you will change the way they think once they see that you’re happy and healthy. 

#10 | Find Encouragement in Everything

I can’t remember who told me this, but it’s stuck with me since. Enjoy the little things, celebrate each and every achievement- big or small, let a traffic ticket lead you to learning about the law and your rights more, let rain be the reason for you to share your umbrella with a stranger and sun be the reason you stop by a crowded restaurant to admire and smell the pretty roses. 

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